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Office Closing for short period

The Birding Frontiers office will be closed for sales of the Challenge series: AUTUMN and the Challenge Series: WINTER from midnight on Friday 25th September to midnight on Wednesday 14th October.

After the 14th Oct. service will resume as normal 🙂

Please place any book orders for processing either today (Thursday 24th Sept.) or tomorrow (Friday 25th Sept). You can still place orders in the meantime but they won’t be processed until after 14th October.

Thanks very much!

The books get live action use…


Eastern Subalpine Warbler

It seems as if our special sylvia guest may still be in residence at Flamborough. All three Subalpine Warblers were covered in book one. The current Flamborough bird bears more than passing resemblance to an adult male which caused some controversy on Yell, Setland, two years ago and whose photo opens the Subalpine Warbler chapter.

Eastern Subalpine Yell (1 of 1) Subalpines in book (1 of 1)



I love the redpoll chapter in the WINTER book. It’s one of my favourites. It was also one of the hardest to do! Six taxa and a complex subject to communicate in relatively simple terms. See the recent post on Lesser Redpoll. we’ve had some juicy topics to go at locally. Lesser Redpolls are appearing in numbers on the east coast. It is arguably that these are Scandinavian birds from lower latitudes, which, for the optimistic might suggest  a ‘redpoll year’ ahead. As the autumn progress we may see birds arriving form the higher latitudes; Mealy and Coues’s Arctic Redpolls.

Lesser Redpoll Flamborough Head, September 2015. Part of notable passage along Britain's east coast this autumn.

Lesser Redpoll Flamborough Head, September 2015. Part of notable passage along Britain’s east coast this autumn. What redpolls are set to challenge us this autumn and winter?

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