Scary Little Stint

Grey and very eye-catching!

For me at least. Don’t think I have quite seen one like this before. 40 years looking at Little Stints- national hotspot was at Frodsham Marsh where I grew up…Photographed by Ben Moyes with other fresh juvenile Little Stints at Hollesley, Suffolk, UK on 20th September (3 days ago)…  he put the pics on his Twitter feed and I couldn’t help but get drawn in. Wow! What a curious looking bird. The very grey appearance, including and especially some coverts with some disconcerting little scapulars with orangey fringes made me think of some juvenile Red-necked Stints. It’s didn’t like quite right either but to make sure- belt and braces – I asked Ben to send the original pics for closer study. I also sent them to Nils van Duivendijk for a conflab. I/we do think it’s a Little Stint if one with a WOW factor 🙂


Why was it attention grabbing? Very grey plumage – unusual in mid-Sept, grey-centred tertials, no mantle white V’s, head pattern wrong for Little in mid Sept., orangey upper scapular fringes contrasting with greyness below. BUT. It’s long-legged, bill bit long and curvy, plumage not really strikingly Red-necked-like. No white broad French manicure scapular fringes, breast side pattern like a Little Stint etc. etc.

It has already begun moult to grey winter plumage which is a factor in its appearance- all those mantle feathers have been renewed together with some upper scapulars. Scary!

Anyhow- here it is.

See what you think: all photos by Ben Moyes- thanks Ben- good job!

Grey Little Stint Ben Moyes 2 (1 of 1) Grey Little Stint Ben Moyes 8 (1 of 1) Grey Little Stint Ben Moyes 10 (1 of 1) Grey Little Stint Ben Moyes 11 (1 of 1) Grey Little Stint Ben Moyes 9 (1 of 1) Grey Little Stint Ben Moyes 1 (1 of 1)



3 thoughts on “Scary Little Stint

  1. adam hutt

    Once saw a bird like this in Northumberland. Eye catching but structurally looks same as birds its with. Always discovering!!!

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  3. WSM

    I’ve seen a few ‘grey’ coloured Little Stint in my time and like you mention at Frodsham Marsh and if memory serves me well at least two birds noted in a flock of 360 birds there. Although none with manicured toe nails and/or scapulars.


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