Pechora Pipit

Key features on an impossible bird!

Found by intrepid explorers Riddington and Tallack and whose team I hope to join as a very minor sub, this Pechora Pipit is the first in the U.K. this autumn. The bird was at Melby, yesterday (22nd Sept.) which is on Shetland Mainland, on the west side  just opposite Papa Stour.

Unfortunately it would simply would not sit up and give close views. So they resorted to mega recording tactics. Flights shots with key ID features AND a sound recording. Now the latter may not ‘sound’ so amazing, except that Pechora Pipits hardly ever seem to call on Shetland.

and you CAN see the primary projection in one of the photos. Nay bad goin’ lads!

Flight photos by Shetland’s top photographer Roger Riddington

J75A0426 J75A0430a Pechora

Ya’ll need to listen a couple of times-  but remember, the recording of a calling Pechora on Shetland is a mega in itself:

Recording and sonagram by Shetland’s top sound recordist (and ace photographer) Rory Tallack: (in fact between me and you, Shetland’s top sound recordist has access to the fancy technology such as mine, but he was working with his phone y’day – brilliant!)

Screen Shot 2015-09-22 at 21.01.07



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