Overnight Mysteries

Sound Recording at Flamborough

What species are these?

Delighted to be recording bird sound overnight again. My house is very near the lighthouse at Flamborough. It offers fascinating possibilities. I compared two nights, one overnight 2 nights ago which was clear skies not a cloud in sight. Then last night with overcast but high cloud. The clear cloudless night struck gold especially in the first period after dark. Lots of recordings. Not all easy to identify. Indeed I am struggling with some. So am crowd surfacing your knowledge and have-a-go spirit.

Eleven recordings. No Prizes. WHAT ARE THEY ?? 




Mystery ONE

Mystery one


Mystery TWO


mystery two

Mystery THREE

mystery 3



Mystery FOUR

mystery 4

Mystery FIVE

mystery 5

Mystery SIX

mystery 6

Mystery SEVEN

mystery 7

Mystery EIGHT

mystery 8

Mystery NINE

mystery 9

Mystery TEN

Mystery 10


3 thoughts on “Overnight Mysteries

  1. lothianrecorder

    Just noticed these – agree with John on #10 Golden Plover think also #5; agree #6 Tawny, would add #3 and #7 (must have the biggest and most diverse potentially confusing range of nocturnal calls!); I’d go for Coot for #8, though the most common call I’ve heard from nocturnal Coots (East Lothian coast) is the mewing call (7 in last 5 years), examples here: http://www.home.zonnet.nl/myotis/owlcoot.htm On #1 isn’t it someone whistling for their dog?!

    1. Martin Garner Post author

      This is great stuff- especially on the Coot which I have ‘heard’ about but not fully grasped yet


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