Pallid Harrier on Shetland

needs me and Mrs G to be on Shetland too 🙂

Thanks to my bloomin marvellous friends on Shetland, Sharon, me and Yoav the Perlman will be heading north early next week. I just wanted to flag up my hopes. Maybe this chap will still be around. Photographed by Brydon Thomason in one of my favourite places on the planet. As this particular spot is one of favourite birding places in the world, and is best best birded solo- if I tell you where it is I will then have to kill you 🙂 . Brydon has been a friend for nearly 10 years since we met on a very windy day on Foula. Since then we have worked together and played together. I love his passion for Shetland and its nature- which is so wonderfully informed by his knowledge of his native Shetland and its nature. I have guided for him over several years being more than happy to serve the vision of Shetland Nature . Brydon’s business which has grown to be a shining example of its kind.

and he takes bloomin juicy photos (check out the little montage below). This Pallid Harrier, probably still around is no doubt awaiting our arrival. It was found just over a week ago.

We are ready and will soon be on our way!

Shetland here we come!

DSC_4102_Pallid_Ndale 2015_web

DSC_4158_montage_webDSC_4108_pallid_Ndale 2015_webDSC_4100_Pallid_Ndale 2015_web


Not the first time you have seen this kind of banner- don’t think it will be the last 🙂

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