Water Walking Little Gulls.

 Justin Carr

Gulls are a bit like Marmite for birders. Love them or can’t be bothered with them, but I am sure most would agree Little Gulls are are fab birds full of character, and if you are like me there’s no bigger buzz than finding them on an easterly blow in Spring on an inland stretch of water.

But for us lucky soles that live in Yorkshire we are treated to a spectacle of thousands of these dainty gulls that congregate every Autumn at Hornsea Mere. Here they can offer fantastic views as they feed close inshore and a few take time out to rest on the boating jetties.  The day I visited weather conditions where perfect for water walking in the same way Leach’s Petrel’s do. I really enjoyed spending a couple of hours  with these fabulous Little Gulls.




All images Digiscoped on a Swarovski ATX 85.

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