Hen Harriers – getting a little soapy for the cause

Bath Bomb, Bath Bomb, your my….

Some folk are doing some serious campaigning, information sharing and opinion changing on behalf to save the shocking decline of the Hen Harrier in the U.K. and exposing the underlying issues. I am not one of those-  but I am a big fan of what they are doing and feel I should do more. Well here’s little effort in the hope that my foolishness might encourage YOU if you havent  signed up yet- you just might.

LUSH have produced a Hen Harrier ‘bath bomb’. Sent me one after an unguarded comment, so happy to play the fool.

I need to point well away from myself to those doing the work. Please visit and sign up and support. For more info and action please click on these:

Raptors Alive collaborative inv. Chris Packham

Mark Avery’s Blog crammed with info and action points

Birders Against Wildlife Crime

Lush Hen Harrier Campaign

anyone else I should point to?

and to ‘inspire’ you/ terrify you to action…  a little insight into bath-bomb time

Lush Hen Harrier soap one (1 of 1)Lush Hen Harrier soap three (1 of 1)Lush Hen Harrier soap two (1 of 1)


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