Greenish or Green?

Warbler of course!

Keeping the story warm 🙂

You may remember the curious, rather bright looking, rather ‘Green’-looking phylloscopus warbler in Denmark in the spring (27th May). DNA results are awaited sometime in the next 2-3 months perhaps (per H. Knudsen). More info and photos HERE.

Meanwhile as the autumn Greenish have just begun to appear (bloomin Filey!) this subject needs to stay alive. Green Warbler can appear early too!

We were very fortunate where I live. Following our reporting of the Danish warbler- our own Mr. Andy Hood went and got woken up by a singing Greenish Warbler right outside his bedroom window at Flamborough, on 15th June. Though it made an interesting comparison with the Danish bird. Our bird sang- marvellous! It was also one of those Greenish (not too infrequent) in which the wing bar is entirely worn-off in spring.

Greenish Warbler, Flamborough, 15th June 2015

Grenish Warbler A hood 15th June 15 (1 of 1)

Greenish Warbler, Flamborough, East Yorks. 15th June 2015. Andy Hood

in full song


Green or Greenish Warbler, Blåvand, Denmark, 27th May 2015


warbler two (1 of 1)

Green or Greenish Warbler, Blåvand, Denmark, 27th May 2015. Henrik Knudsen


Green Warbler in Finland, May 2012

and for completion and comparison- don’t forget the accepted Green Warbler in Finland all written-up HERE.

Green Warbler

Green Warbler, Phylloscopus nitidus 20 May 2012 Lågskär, Kaukaasianuunilintu. First record for Finland. Mika Bruun.

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