Turkish Delight?

Posted by Justin Carr

I have recently just arrived back from a family holiday in western Turkey. Normally where family holidays are concerned anything bird wise I see is usually through making the effort of getting up early while the family are still fast asleep..

But this holiday was I soon realized going to be the norm. After a 30 min walk early on the second day I had seen just 2 Red Rumped Swallows  and heard a single Great Tit. I guessed the early morning walks might not be worth while. But as always there are always opportunities for a photographer!!

Small fry

Small fry

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On the upside the Marine life was amazing. You just walked waist deep into the sea and you would soon be surrounded by many fish. I counted upto 9 species. So I had the idea to have a go at digiscoping them. I guessed early morning would be best as the sea was flat calm before the bathers disturbed the water. I was right. Conditions where perfect and these small fish would spend most of the time at the surface (the larger fish would only surface when enticed with bread). So even though my birding highlights were few it was still enjoyable to try digiscoping something a little different.

Have a go Digiscoping holds few boundaries!

all images Digiscoped on a Swarovski ATX 85.

Good Digiscoping : )


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