juvenile Yellow-legged Gulls

michahellis– NOW!

It’s that time of year. Can I reminisce momentarily? Just 20 years ago juvenile and first winter Yellow-legged Gulls were rarely identified with any confidence. There seemed just too tricky and confusing! I remember trying to unravel the riddles.

Slowly but surely a picture began to emerge. Lots of practice with close-up juveniles of Herring and Lesser Black-backed Gulls helped a lot.

Are you there yet? There are always a very satisfying local find.

Right now juvenile/ 1cy Yellow-legged GUlls are flung far and wide. Almost daily off Flamborough they are about and waiting to be found 🙂

So it was nice to ogle over these close-up photos by Brett Spencer of two young michs taken 2 days ago in Dorset.

_MG_7533 _MG_7660

2 photos above, 1cy Yellow-legged Gulls (michahellis) Dorset , 26th July 2015, Brett Spencer.


Chris Gibbins has just returned from Spain, so to add to the visual preparation, here are more young michahellis showing the striking upperparts in flight, especially the tail pattern. Also some more variation in plumage. Good luck!

4D2A80054D2A76164D2A94813 photos above, 1cy Yellow-legged Gulls (michahellis) Spain, July 2015, Chris Gibbins.


2 thoughts on “juvenile Yellow-legged Gulls

  1. Jan Jörgensen

    Yes Martin, now is the time and lovely it is! Rather low numbers in Sweden so far. Sometimes a challenge to separate some of the juv michahellis from some of the Caspians & LBBG, as can for instance be seen at European Gulls on FB at the moment.
    Further instructive sets by CG here:http://chrisgibbins-gullsbirds.blogspot.se/2010/08/1-cy-yellow-legged-gulls-larus.html
    And of course Visa Raustes collection here:


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