A Rather confiding Red Footed Falcon Digiscoped

Posted by Justin Carr

A very showy  Red footed Falcon had been present in Deepest Staffordshire for nearly a week, luckily it decided to stick around for my next free day. Red foots are a cracking small falcon which drift over from Eastern Europe in Varying numbers mostly associating with South Easterly winds in May. When we arrived on site, i was surprised  to to see such a large crowd gathered i shouldn’t have been really with how amazingly close the bird showed, i should just say everyone stood behind a fence, it was the bird that came close to us not vice versa.         these are just a few of my favorite shots of the Stunning first Summer male.

All images Digiscoped on a Swarovski ATX 85                                                                                            Good Digiscoping!!

One thought on “A Rather confiding Red Footed Falcon Digiscoped

  1. Tim Lincoln

    Amazing how confiding – tame, really – Red-foots can be. The second summer male in the Cuckmere valley in 2010 would land and perch quite unconcernedly on posts a few feet off, in much the same way.


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