Responses to Oriental Cuckoo Post

by Jochen Dierschke

Many thanks to all comments either received privately or on this blog!

In the meantime I received some much better pictures taken bei Oliver Nüssen:

Kuckuck_20150527_ONuessen_08 Kuckuck_20150527_ONuessen_07 Kuckuck_20150527_ONuessen_05 Kuckuck_20150527_ONuessen_09

Especially the last picture shows that also the lesser underwing-coverts are faintly barred and that the primaries have too many white bars for Oriental. Some people suggested that this bird might be a female. I am not very experienced in sexing Cuckoos, but most pictures of birds I’ve seen ringed and sexed do not fit the bird.

In Summary: Although the bird looks like being within the variation of Oriental, it seems more likely to be a Common Cuckoo. As the calls were never definitely heard from the bird in question, it may have been a different bird calling. The calls heard were also “three-note-calls”, making an Oriental unlikely.

At least we learnt some lessons on Cuckoo-ID, but it seems a nightmare to get an Oriental Cuckoo accepted in Europe outside Russia!

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