Glaucous Gull fest

Malted Milk

at the Northernmost Birding Festival… in the WORLD!

Gullfest 2015 poster A2 - Vardø aerial biotope

Here’s few shots of young Glaucous Gulls. Mostly taken in the harbour at Vardø, Varanger where the Gullfest 2015 is happening as I write. I can’t  be with the guys this time so I’ve dug out some old, unused and some intriguing pics from previous Gullfests.

Also I will throw in some scary unidentifieds and a little colour for those less gull- inclined 🙂

These are mostly juveniles or if in moulting, technically  first winters in March (2cy)

1st w Ggull (1 of 1) 1st w Glaucous (1 of 1) 1st w Glaucous b (1 of 1) 1st w Glaucous G n (1 of 1) 2cy Glaucous  (1 of 1)2cy pretty glauc (1 of 1) pale billed Glaucous (1 of 1)glaucous 1 (1 of 1)glaucous 2 (1 of 1) 2cy g ullll m (1 of 1)2cy glgg (1 of 1)

a couple of second winters (3cy) …2nd w Glauc (1 of 1) 2nd w Glaucous (1 of 1)


le flocksGlaucous g (1 of 1)


and a mystery gull (whatdoyathink?)

Viking 1 (1 of 1)Viking 2 (1 of 1)Viking n Glauc (1 of 1)

2cy gull interetsingd (1 of 1) 2cy gull interetsingh (1 of 1)

and a red thing from nearby 🙂

When you see Pine Grosbeaks flying around chasing each other through taiga zone trees and canopy,  they make wonderfully fluty calls


and a young red thing who will one day, look like the fella above (photo:Tony Davison)

Pine Grosbeak b 20.3.13


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