Little Bustard in East Yorkshire

Little Bustard twoMartin Garner

Pretty cool end to the year. Blooming’ marvellous find by Kev Barnard, followed up by relocate by Tony Dixon. Tony’s phone calls (via the wonderful Dave Aitken) mobilised a team from Flamborough to search for the bird. The kale/brassica field looked most likely and before long Phil Cunningham was blurting forth “its right here- right in front of us” and so it was!

Don’t know ‘owt about sexing birds in winter etc but seemed to have dark base colour to nape feathers and rather shaggy dark throat feathering at times when feeding. Wondering if that makes it a (first winter?) male?

Here it is:

and couple more grabs

and a Happy New Year!

Little Bustard one Little Bustard three


2 thoughts on “Little Bustard in East Yorkshire

  1. Grahame Walbridge

    Hi Martin,
    What chance this bird (and the brief E.Sussex bird the day before) are the West Bexington (Dorset) resurfacing after an ‘absence’ of nearly six weeks? Comparing the images they do appear very similar.

    Cannot help re sexing, though your suggestion that it may be a 1st-winter male seems perfectly plausible. I asked the same question about the Dorset bird.

    Seems like my ‘Good luck for 2015’ came a day early!


    1. Martin Garner Post author

      Thanks mate- yes interesting point. Don’t no how you nail it though?

      Happy New Year



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