Stejneger’s Stonechat

Not so tricky?

Martin Garner

Following confirmed occurrence in NW Europe (Britain, Netherlands and Finland) in the last 2 years the early murmurings were about how these were not really identifiable in the field.

As my Canadian past self might articulate “Is that right?”

I am gaining confidence that they really are identifiable. Illustrating their distinctiveness from  Siberian Stonechat ‘maurus’, a greater challenge can be separating some Stejneger’s from the European Stonechat hibernates/rubicola. Lots more in this book of course 🙂

Have a look at these 3 shots which encapsulate key features of this 1st winter female on Fair Isle this autumn- with thanks to Fair Isle warden, David Parnaby. More on that bird HERE.

Stejneger's Stonechat 3 Stejneger's Stonechat2 Stejneger's Stonechat 1


As a reminder here’s the 1st winter male in October 2012 in Britain and Netherlands (DNA confirmed). More on that bird HERE.



Here’s a 1st winter male from Orivesi, Pappilanniemi, Finland on 7th November 2013 (DNA confirmed). This last one features in a must-read paper in British Birds by Magnus Hellström and Gabriel Norevik. More HERE.

Beautiful and fuller set of photos by Jani Vastamäki are HERE.



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