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We have been delighted and at times a littleChalleneg series cover overwhelmed by the response to the new book. Lots of folk getting in touch to say how much they are enjoying it and getting out of it.

Note sure I can remember every country but certainly besides majority of sale in the UK, Ireland, Switzerland, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Belgium, France, Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Spain, Israel, Hungary, Poland, Australia, Japan, Canada, U.S.A. (and more)  have all had some copies 🙂



Reviews. Still chewing on whether to get one?

Here’s a few reviews. More on the book and how to get your copy HERE


Paul Higson from Orkney posting on Birdforum

In short – just buy it !!!!

Packed full of ideas/information/questions etc etc. Informative, educational, intriguing and inspirational. And then you get all the stuff hidden in the QR codes. . . .

We get Redpolls of all sizes and shapes throughout the year on Orkney – I am now suitably fired up to make an attempt at trying to find out what they are and where they come from – and every Bonxie will be given an extensive grilling from now on.

In exchange for a brown and a blue drinking voucher you get way more than your money’s worth.

A huge BOOM from me.”


Here then is a refreshingly enthusiastic attempt to energise our autumn birding, a call to get out more, to get more value from what we see and to join a collective process of exploration and discovery. At the beginning of the year’s best bird-hunting season, what could be more inspiring than that?”

From the Rare Bird Alert (RBA) review by Andy Stoddart. Read more HERE


“The first tantalising glimpse of the Challenge Series had this frugal Yorkshireman reaching to the dark (rarely ventured) depths of his pockets and having now been privileged to have a review copy I can honestly say it was money well spent. This will certainly be part of my baggage allowance on my trip north this autumn.”

From Mark Reeder on ‘Of Pies and Birds. Read more HERE


Critics might argue that this is an amalgamation of the many informative blog posts Martin (and others) have produced for the Birding Frontiers website in recent years. However, there’s far more to it than that and it’s a beautiful production to boot — presented in a crisp, fresh format, it’s not just packed with informative content but looks great too. Challenge Series: Autumn is a fine piece of work, expertly delivered and illustrated capturing the zeitgeist of modern birding identification. If you haven’t already accepted the challenge, don’t delay any longer…

From the Birdguides review by Alan Tilmouth. Read more HERE


If you are a BIRDWATCH magazine subscriber you can get it a bit cheaper HERE

but you can’t buy it HERE 🙂

More on the book and how to get your copy HERE


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