Baltic Gull Chronicles

at Flamborough, September 2014

We keep exploring!

Martin Garner


After a record-breaking year for Caspian Gulls at Flamborough (c15 at least in Aug-Sept this year including 5 ringed birds- c 10 previous records in total) Baltic Gulls entered the stage again. The population is recovering and increasing after a ‘crash’. The chances of finding more individual in identifiable plumages and ringed birds is going back up.


Enter 12th September, Flamborough Golf Course. Top of the list was a juvenile type with white darvic ring and black lettering which I found in the evening of 12th September. Other observers got on to it including Craig Thomas, Andy Malley, Brett Richards and Phil Cunningham. Unfortunately distant and in fading light in evening gull roost we couldn’t read the letters and numbers though Craig had a rough go and thought maybe something … F or P 2nd letter.  4 numbers/ letters. Trouble is the darvic is on the wrong leg! Most Swedish/Finnish ringed fuscus have the darvic place on the left leg- right leg on this bird (thanks to Hannu Koskinen). What does it mean?

I then found another stunning looking juvenile unringed 2 days later (14th September) in the field behind our house. This one looks as cool if not better than the ringed bird. We haven’t finished with these yet. Thanks especially to Chris Gibbins and Hannu Koskinen for all their input.

14th September 2014

candidate fuscus fuscus 14.9.14a juv fuscus 14th September 2014a juv fuscus d 14th September 2014a juv fuscus b 14th September 2014

14th ssept 2014


 2 days earlier…  12th September 2014

The boy with the darvic ring- right leg (and metal ring on left leg)

12th september 2014 juv fuscus white darvic 1410547500068 1410549661971





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