Fea’s Petrel

‘nough said

Picked up by Andy Malley and  Brett Richards most of the ensemble at Flamborough were delighted. Thanks guys. I rushed off to find signal in the hope that those further north would score too. The resulting communications via social media and ‘twitches’ to watchpoints along the east coast meant the wheeling pterodroma was recorded at multiple sites by lots of people. A triumph for modern birding  and AT LAST a British record for me 🙂 Photos skilfully phonescoped by Mark Newsome off Whitburn Fea's type Whitburn 210914 M Newsome

Happy chaps


flamborough 21 sept 14 feas


also rans:

2 Balearic Shearwaters, Long-tailed Skua, Blue Fulmar, nearly 300 Sooty Shearwater and an adult Sabine’s Gull nearby off Buckton. More on the Flamborough Bird Obs site

ble fulmar 21 9 14 sooty

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