The Miracle of Migration- that’s why!


Below: A Prize Quiz Bird Competition (not too tricky!)

Why the Spurn Migration Festival?

TO BOOK! your tickets go HERE.

Why spend so much time and effort?

Why take over a working farm?

Why form a multi agency team?

Why organise food, toilets, a non-stop ‘bus service’, guided walks, art exhibits etc. etc. for over 200 people a day?

Why are people coming from all over Britain and from abroad?


In the next couple of days marquees will start to go up, sheds will be cleared, the campsite will be prepared, exhibitors will start to arrive and the whole shebang of the Spurn Migration Festival begins.

You can come for the weekend or just visit for one of the days. TO BOOK! your tickets go HERE.

Many will know I now live in Flamborough and 2 weeks ago we moved house to a better spot to witness migration- at Flamborough. The move meant some books, normally buried came to light. I took to bedtime reading some old favourites from over 40 years ago when I began birding. My passion is reignited.

The Spurn Migration Festival already has a shed-load of great ingredients. Now the weather looks like its planning something special. So here are a few of the migrants I have seen in the last few days. I genuinely expect to see most if not all over the festival weekend- probably in bigger numbers plus loads more. Can you name all the birds (10 species) in the photos below?

If you think you  can- there a prize in it for it. A free copy of the new book The Challenge Series: AUTUMN.

1) Simply click on the photos below.

2) Work out the identity of each of the TEN species

3) email me your answers: martin.go(at)

More than one set of correct answers- then its draw from the hat. You have 48 hours to enter (all entries in by 6 pm Thursday evening). Good luck!

and don’t ferget to get … to the #migfest


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