orientalis Curlews near Bankok

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Dave Gandy

Grateful thanks to Dave who sent these images following this post.

Check out the photos, especially the variation in flanks pattern with some showing the lines of thin pencil streaks, and others with more obvious cross bars on flank marks. Also the Slender-billed Curlew-like dark underside to outer primaries is apparent (barred dark/ pale in western Curlews). Nice white lower breast and belly, some have dark marks at tips of axilliaries and tail pattern– just visible in one or two shots.

“Dear Martin,

I was out at Khok Kham (the nearest Spoon-billed Sandpiper site to Bangkok) yesterday afternoon and bumped into a flock of Curlew.

Having seen that you’ve recently raised some interest in the ID of orientalis on BF I banged off a few shots in case you wanted some additional reference material for birds in mid July. The best shots are attached here (sorry, nothing on the deck as these birds were a bit unapproachable).  Those really are gleaming white underwings!

Best wishes, Dave”
DSC_7019-3 DSC_7019-3-3 DSC_7020-3

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  1. linosabirding

    Very nice and interesting photos!! Very infromative posts too. For what regard the primary pattern, note that this is quite close to many Slender-billed Curlew but as described in my paper not pereftcly the same in most birds, showing indeed a more uniform pattern (chequered or marbled pale at most) on outer-most 2 or 3 primaries (not 4-5 as in SBC) than nominate arquata but a contrastingly darker black tip rather than uniformly blackish “hand” as in SBC. Note also long tibia and fully pale grey legs ! 🙂

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