Olivaceous Warbler, but is it…

Eastern or Western?

Martin Garner

Juan Sagardia sent these photos from a couple of weeks ago. They were taken on Fuerteventura on the Canary Islands. This bird was a little over shadowed by a certain Abyssinian Roller  and also an apparent Eastern Bonelli’s Warbler.

I have seen not seen Western Olivaceous Warbler (Iduna opaca). The question is whether this individual is a Western Olly, or a ‘Western…. Eastern’. That is to say, the reiseri form of Eastern Olivaceous Warbler (Iduna pallida reiseri), which occurs in NW Africa (close to /overlapping? with Western Olivaceous).

No information on dipping tail movement (present in Eastern Olivaceous, absent in Western Olivaceous). Opinion from those who know the subject welcome. Not easy!




and in case you missed it!


A couple more of Juan’s shot of the stunning Abyssinian Roller and that increasing familiar celebratory X men stand! :). All photos Juan Sagardia. See his Facebook Page.

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3 thoughts on “Olivaceous Warbler, but is it…

  1. linosabirding

    Very good chance it is one of those very small and compact reiseri from NW Africa…indeed it looks almost like a Botted W., with very well marked supercilium and even the darkish smudge over and along it., small delicate and short bill, very subtle wing panel to be an “Eastern” , short pp, short UTC, very pale legs, high crown etc

    To be sure we need though field direct observation:-( at least for me

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