Abyssinian Roller on the Canaries

First for Spain and Europe

Juan Sagardia sent these superb photos yesterday with this comment:


Coracias abyssinicus in Fuerteventura

A specimen discovered in the Barranco de la Torre in Antigua on the island of Fuerteventura by Alain Pataud on June 92014.
It may be the first event of this sort to Europe.
We talked with zoos and none has ever had this species.
In the same place there was also a possible Phylloscopus orientalis. See what you think.
I have attached photos of the two species of yesterday (13th June 2014).
Best regards
More info on Rare Birds in Spain

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and an apparent  Balkan Warbler (aka Eastern Bonelli’s Warbler). Waiting to find out if it called….

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all photos above by Juan Sagardia

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  1. birdingetc

    Fantastic record, and photos! ‘First twitchable’ in the WP would be a better description of this bird, as there are in fact old records of Abyssinian Roller from Egypt, Libya and northern Mauritania.

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