Answers to Bird Sound Quiz

Thanks to all those who had a go with this little quiz posted last weekend. Hope you enjoyed the challenge :). Some were easy than others…

Hidden songster can be especially tricky but we dare not ignore them!

Here are the answers:

Icterine Warber

at Spurn in early June 2012. Can you hear the ‘squeaky toy motif or as one friend put it: Think children’s programme Sooty and Sweep- the noise which Sweep made!

Marsh Warbler

at Flambrough in early June 2013. How about that BLue Tit mimic at the end. Th ultimate songster, with over 200 species recorded as being imitated by Marsh Warbler, in one case over 90 species mimicked by just one individual.

Garden Warbler

at Flambrough in May 2014. Bit of practice needed to distinguish the more melodic songs of Blackcap and Garden Warbler. This was almost impossible to see. lacks the ‘little diddle’ ditty of Blackcap (which I can’t put into words!)


Common Chiffchaff

at Flambrough in May 2014. Not an easy one. This bird is paired in South Landing this summer and the male I think calls very loudly and almost Chaffinch-like.


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  1. skootysue

    Thanks for that. I didn’t have the guts to submit my answers but I found it very interesting to have the Icterine warbler and Marsh warbler juxtaposed here as I spent a good hour by some trees in France near St Quentin trying to decide what I was listening to. After this I’m sure it was a Marsh Warbler


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