Test Yourself Bird Song

Hidden Warblers of late May/ early June

Martin Garner

Just for fun

Here are 3 singing warblers. All recorded on the East Yorkshire coast in late May/ early June. All identified on song. All 3 almost impossible to see. What species are they?

A fourth ‘bonus ball’ is at the end:  a calling bird- same time of year. What species is it?

Hope you have fun with it and learn as I have 🙂


Summer Warbler Mystery One

Summer Warbler Mystery Two

Summer Warbler Mystery Three

Summer Bird Mystery Four



4 thoughts on “Test Yourself Bird Song

  1. Harry Hussey

    1) Despite the ‘squeaky’ notes putting me in mind of Icterine Warbler briefly, the repeated elements make me think this was a Blyth’s Reed Warbler?

    2) Marsh Warbler.

    3) Just a Garden Warbler?

    4) Chiffchaff? Again, unless you’re throwing in calls of rarer species that sound like commoner ones to throw people.

  2. Davy Bosman

    No Harry. The first one is an icterine warbler. It’s way to quick for a blyth’s reed warbler.
    2 and 3 are indeed a marsh warbler and a garden warbler, at least I think so too

    The real mystery, I guess?, is the fourth one. It might be that brown and cold chiffcaff with its photograph here: http://fbo.org.uk/2014/05/?cat=3 (scroll down).
    In this respect you maybe want to check out this recorded observation:
    and especially the comment by peter adriaens. It’s in dutch, but there is always google translate.

    1. Harry Hussey

      Hi Davy,
      Well, yeah, I did recall finding Icterine and Marsh, even, slightly tricky in Poland until I got my head around them, and those squeaky notes were distinctive (like a child’s squeaky toy). I suppose I was somewhat thrown by the song sounding ‘different’ to what I’ve heard abroad…only seen Icterine or Melodious in Ireland in late summer or autumn, so no singing birds…but it could have been plastic song. But I did also find Blyth’s Reeds on passage in central Asia to give faster, less structured songs than recordings would prepare one for: again, plastic song, but a real pitfall.


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