One and the Same

The Common Marbled Carpet – Dysstroma truncata is a very variable species and can sometimes cause a few problems with ID

By Tony Davison

When I opened up my Moth Trap this morning, there were two main highlights from an otherwise very poor session. 1) A new species for my garden and a new photo for my website – Currant Pug – 2) Four colour forms of Common Marbled Carpet, presenting me with a great photo opportunity to capture the different colour forms of this species.

Common Marbled Carpet is a highly variable moth and one form that is unmistakeable has a large orange central patch on the forewing. There are numerous other forms that are a combination of greys, blacks and browns that can cause confusion with the Dark Marbled Carpet – Dysstroma citrata. The best and most reliable feature to separate citrata from truncata is the central “twin-peaked” projection of outer edge of central band on forewing which is longer and more pointed on citrata. Common Marbled Carpet is now on the wing.

Common-Marbled-Carpet-61884179 Common-Marbled-Carpet-62014181 Common-Marbled-Carpet-62274183 Common-Marbled-Carpet-62344182

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