Rare Moth in me Trap

New for Flamborough, 6th for Yorkshire

Martin Garner

First off thanks so much to Mark Pearson and Keith and Clare Clarkson for the loan of moth trapping kit and great encouragement to ‘do something’ when I was a lot less mobile, and straight from hospital. Nick Carter too spurred me on. Ian Marshall has tirelessly answered my questions and is happy with the ID (and congrats on being new VC61 Moth recorder). What is it?

Pine Bud Moth 1207. Pseudococcyx turionella

Pine Bud Moth, 21st May 2014. Martin Garner

Pine Bud Moth, 21st May 2014. Martin Garner

Status in UK from UK Moths

Fairly common in southern parts of England, and in Scotland, but scarcer in between, one of several related species that feed on coniferous trees.

The adults are on the wing during May and June. They are quite distinctive with their combination of chestnut and grey forewings, and orange head and labial palps. Another useful pointer is the pale or whitish hindwing, when visible.

The larvae feed inside the buds and shoots of Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris) and occasionally other pine species.

Status in Yorkshire

5 previous records, first in 1904. Last record in Vice County 61 in 1997. 1st for Flamborough (and East Yorkshire coast). From Yorkshire Moths

Grade 4. Rarities where there are very few Yorkshire records.  A good quality photograph or a voucher specimen is mandatory unless the observer is very familiar with the species.

pine bud moth in yorks

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