Pallid X Montagu’s Harrier

Apparent mixed pairing in Spain

Juan Sagardia

News in from Juan of this apparent pairing between a male Pallid harrier and female Montagu’s Harrier in Zamora, Spain. All the glorious photos taken by him.

I suppose if you were a off-the-beaten track male Pallid harrier with no females (or other males) around you go for the next best thing… Pallid Harrier is classified as near threatened globally and recent expansion in toward western Europe perhaps the species response/ reaction to factors affecting the population elsewhere.

First you arrive in the area looking your awesome self!


The local ladies find you quiet attractive if a little different so try to get away from you…



One of the local lads takes exception to you- so you have to fight him off


Finally you settle down with the Mrs for the summer…


Ever hear of this pairing before? If it all works out for the couple, Offspring could make an interesting ID challenge somewhere this autumn…


7 thoughts on “Pallid X Montagu’s Harrier

  1. Aron

    Check this article out: Forsman, Dick., 1995: Male pallid and female Montagu’s harrier raising hybrid young in Finland in 1993. Dutch Birding, 173: 102-106

  2. Frode Falkenberg

    It’s not supposed to be easy. Circus macrourus and cyaneus are also producing hybrids (possibly a result of Pallid’s expanding westwards?). The first acceoted hybrids from Norway:

    And here’s a bunch from Sweden:

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