The Mike Yarwood bird

Even writing that title makes me realise how old I am. For younger readers: Mike Yarwood used to do impressions. I can remember as a small child in the 70s his show was one of my dad’s favourite TV programmes. I was impressed too, even though I was only dimly aware of half the people he ‘did’. I recall that Enoch Powell was a favourite – I assumed he was a cartoon character and couldn’t work out why he never came on after Jackanory. Anyway, I digress. Birds that do impressions: in Shetland there are basically two that are really good at it. The Starling is one and this is the other.


Starlings get me going all the time, but when Wheatears first arrive back on territory they can be as good if not better. They do a fantastic Green Sandpiper, and plenty more besides. How long do such birds retain other species’ calls in their repertoire? I’ve often wondered – and maybe there is some good research on the subject out there? For example, the Starlings at the back of our house were doing a very nice Swallow song ten days or so ago – well before the Swallows (which have bred in the sheds out the back for the past two years) arrived back. Those Starlings might have seen the odd Swallow this year before that but I can’t imagine they had heard any singing.

Also at the back of our house, I was pulled up sharp last Wednesday by the call of a Citrine Wagtail. It sounded pitch perfect to me, I was looking round frantically and eventually spotted the source of the calls as a smart drake Wheatear sat on a stone dyke. Where had that bird got the call from? I walked around all the wet bits within a mile of the house and found… three White Wags.

This story has a happy ending however, as the very next day, stepson no. 2 and I were down at the bottom of the garden discussing rhubarb-growing strategies when that Wheatear started calling again – except that this time it was coming from the edge of a sludgy pool in the next field and a quick look revealed:


Moral of the tale – always listen to bird mimics, they can be good for your find list!

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  1. Steve Lister

    A Wheatear at Mellon Udrigle (anyone know where that is?) had us going last week. Nothing as exciting as a Citrine Wagtail but a very good rendition of a Twite.


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