Thank YOU!

Martin Garner

Just to say a huge thank you for all the personal well wishes  and very encouraging messages following this post. I have failed abysmally to respond to all of them, but I have been repeatedly moved by so much kindness.

So a little news. About four days ago I pushed my walking distance (only few hundred metres) and found I could do more than I thought. The next day, 25th March I tried a walk around Millennium Wood, Flamborough not sure how far I would get. Soon located the Northern Treecreeper ssp familiaris and even showed a visiting couple of birders who hadn’t seen it before. That kind of stuff spurs you on.  Andy Hood followed our visit and got some lovely photos:

 Northern Treecreeper





Northern Treecreeper ssp familiaris, Millennium Wood, Flamborough, 25th March 2014, all photos by Andy Hood

Lapland Bunting

2 days ago on 26th March, early news from dear friend and RSPB warden Keith Clarkson had seen a male Lapland Bunting on the reserve (and possibly heard a Shore Lark). Spurred on to attempt more, Sharon and I headed off early. Staple Newk is a fair walk and the wind was blowing a hooley! Nevertheless we made it. Not especially optimistic we were stunned to find 3 Lapland Buntings including one of the males  ‘singing its head off’. Well I fair hopped skipped and jumped my way back to the reserve centre!

So THANK YOU- for spurring on encouragements and messages and we (Sharon and I )  have taking them to heart and working on them 🙂

PS all photos below by me- wobbling about like a weeble while Sharon holds on to me- quite a comic sight.

Lapland Bun bt Bempton 26.3.14


Lapland Bunt d Bempton 26.3.14

Male Lapland Bunting in full song at Bempton RSPB, Flamborough

Lapland Bunt f  Bempton 26.3.14


Lapland Buntg Bempton 26.3.14


Silver Blacky… still

silver blacky

silver blacky.jpg2

Silver Blacky- probably a colour aberration know as ‘BROWN’. Still an on/off visitor to our garden.

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