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Heads N Tails Quiz

3 competitors survived and correctly identified the tiebreak bird. Which impressed me deeply! Seriously I have seen quite a few of these and they don’t look much like Reed Warblers a lot of the time- way to olivey toned above and Marsh Warbler-like. So impressed I was!2014-03-09_013941

Huge thanks the to our leading seabirders in Bob Flood and Ashley Fisher of Scilly Pelagics who donated these 2 superb and innovative multimedia prizes for the quiz and conservation:


The Tiebreak bird is a Caspian Reed Warbler aka ‘fuscus’ Reed Warbler.

Chris Batty, Jon Holt and Nick Moran each continued on form by correctly identifying the tiebreak bird. This left only one option. Each was given a number and Sharon G. drew from the proverbial hat.

Chris Batty was drawn the winner. Commiseration to Jon and Nick- who ‘did enough’. Dang! Thanks to all who took part… and if you haven’t yet and would like to give to our BIRDING FRONTIERS team effort– please do us proud- and give to our Birdlife Conservation efforts. We are going for bust to reach £2000 by the end of the month. More here:

Please give to great conservation effort >>>> HERE <<<<


Some… Caspian Reed Warblers ‘fuscus’

Extra challenge from the Autumn in Israel

Extra challenge from the Autumn in Israel

caspian reed oneno 2 fuscus Reed Warbler c Hula Valley N Israel Nov 2012no 2 fuscus Reed Warbler a Hula Valley N Israel Nov 2012

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