Prize Mystery Bird Quiz

with a PURPOSE!

  • enjoy the quiz

  • please consider giving to the cause. Ta!


 Later today the ‘HEADS and TAILS’ quiz will go up. 10 species to identify. the prize: first 2 installments of the  ground breaking (and new 1st ed,) Multimedia Identification guides to North Atlantic Seabirds. IN RETURN if you enjoy Birding Frontiers please consider ‘Just Giving’ towards our Birdlife appeal/ Champions of the Flyway team. All info to follow!

The Birding Frontiers Team page is here, check out those mugs 🙂

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Champions of the Flyway IS:



  • A Big International Bird race

  • On April 1st 2014 in Eilat, Israel

  • To raise money to stop illegal bird killing

  • [and the Birding Frontiers team is going to win!]


You can read all the stuff on the >>>Champions of the Flyway<<<

The Batumi Raptor Count in Georgia (Eastern Mediterranean Flyway), will benefit directly from our fundraising. Spectacular raptor migration combines with carnage of dead birds prey killed by local hunters.  projects run by the Batumi Raptor Count are working directly with communities to achieve mutually beneficial goals. Watcha the video!

Who is on the Birding Frontiers Team and who is supporting us?

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and we would love you to support the Birding Frontiers Team efforts by giving directly to the conservation cause on our team page. Here:

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The HEADS and TAILS Quiz 

Up later today: Here’s the very cool prizes. Person with most correct or if more than one with same score- winner from the hat:

SPBP_revised_cover 500

Read more on this superb part on of two-part prize >>> HERE <<<


Read more on this superb part on of two-part prize >>> HERE <<<

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