Red Grouse at Flamborough !?@~# WOT!

A remarkable local event for us yesterday. A Red Grouse appeared on the outer head at Flamborough. Simply beyond expectation or comprehending. How and why, and for a  bunch of folk- please show up again!

With the launch of the new website, a forward looking AGM this evening, a great and growing community of keen folk- the new era at Flamborough marches forward a pace – even if marked by a most unexpected bird. Flamborough’s most prolific birder takes up the story of his find:

and what about that old Spurn record….?

Brett Richards

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Cynthia & I found a Red Grouse at South Dykes this afternoon.  It came out of the long grass by the side of the path along the East side of the ‘Shrike Hedge’, and ran along in front of us for a short distance before running back into the rough stuff.  I managed a few shots with my Canon superzoom before it disappeared, and then put the news out.  Phil Cunningham & Andy Hood arrived after a while, and Phil refound it in a nearby field, where I took some digiscoped shots.RG_Image It then went over the ridge and onto a grass field on the other side of the entrance road, where it was showing right in the open.  However, it was flushed by some noisy people with a dog just before Craig T & John B arrived, and flew towards the SW corner of Dykes.  We looked for it on Bridlington Links golf course, and we were standing in the middle of the golf course talking when Phil saw it briefly when it was flushed from the cliff edge by 3 people walking along from Sewerby.  We thought it had probably flown onto the East side of the Dykes, but it couldn’t be refound.

When we first saw it, the red comb over the eyes was clearly visible, and easily visible in my first photos, but there is no sign of any red there in any of my subsequent digiscoped shots.

I am always daydreaming of finding a mega when I am walking around Flamborough or seawatching, but this is one bird that never figured in my dreams.  An amazing record!

Red Grouse 006edited

Red Grouse by Andy Hood

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