Flamborough’s New Era: Begins Today

Flamborough Bird Observatory

A Great spirit on the Great Cape. That’s what Sharon and I have found since moving here a year ago. I would go so far as to say it is at a  tipping point for the area…. A very COOL one!

MG here. Delighted to able to announce (and n.b. had ‘nowt to do with making it)

Welcome to the NEW Flamborough Bird Obs Website

Go to full site or click on blue boxes below:

FBO header

Some personal observations:

Bird Observatories are seeing a renaissance, more folk visiting, young people coming back, Migration Studies are at centre stage, citizen science and conservation roars ahead powered by social media, progress is made locally through collaboration, not competition. I have seen lots of examples elsewhere, and right now I am seeing the same on my own doorstep- at Flamborough:

You are invited:

“Flamborough Bird Observatory’s new website aims to reflect the prevailing positive mood at the Obs – and as such, there’s an emphasis on communicating and informing. These days it’s all about encouraging locals and visitors alike to enjoy the birds and wildlife of the Great White Cape, and the new website is the perfect shop window to allow us to do that.

It’s still a work-in-progress, but we’re adding material all the time – keep an especially close eye on the site guide, for insider tips on where to go. Be sure to bookmark the latest sightings page, which’ll be the place for up-to-the-minute news from the Head and the surrounding area.”

New Sightings Page

The goal is to get Flamborough news out quickly and accurately. The go-to web-space.

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Site Guide

Cool aspects are still being developed. e.g. follow the Bay Brambles link. There is loads of ‘undiscovered Flamborough. Barely watched the ‘Millennium Wood area, a spot away from the traditional hot-spots on the head has produce Rustic Bunting, Little Bunting, Red backed Shrike, Serin and Northern Treecreeper  in last 6 months….

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Be part of it…

FBO header

OK I cheated 😉 

Patchwork challenge

It was nice to see this posted below in January. But I have to say I gained plenty of points through daily chats with others keen to foster a new spirit of openness, and discovery on the Great White Cape. Good birder community going on here 🙂

Coastal North Jan Points



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