Bermuda Phylloscopus — additional images

Andrew Dobson provided this more extensive set of images from his original observation of the Bermuda Phyllscopus. He reports that no one has yet heard it vocalize, but they will keep trying. Hopefully the bird will be around for a while longer and complete its molt!

In the meantime, here are more photos to discuss:

DSC_9705 DSC_9681 DSC_9704 DSC_9695 DSC_9690 DSC_9682 DSC_9680 DSC_9678

4 thoughts on “Bermuda Phylloscopus — additional images

  1. linosabirding

    my first option is still TBGW (plumbeitarsus) while if I shoudl choose a more fantasy option and braver guess my top second would be Sakhalin Leaf Warbler Phylloscopus borealoides though the legs in that species are far paler than in the Bermuda’s bird and the head-mantle much greier !!

    For the GC tips, sometimes in plumbeitarsus are not so huge and could be almost missing or barely visible , look for ex at

    an interesting Phyllosc however, that could not be disccused merely on geographic based speculation, as we know that bird do not follow our rules !!!


  2. linosabirding

    new GC in Willow W and Wood W (as in any Phylloscopus sp. however) could show indeed a pale tipped appearance…. in this bird the pale tips seems to go into the web and this is a bit unusual, normally there is only a pale edge on fresh coverts and a very small tip… but very fresh birds could appear sligthly wing barred with some WIllow and Wood really apparently showing a narrow and vague single or even double wing bar looking !!

    I only look at the photos without enlarging them on my bad PC, a mystake as I thougth the GC were as old and abraded as the MC (median coverts) that’s why I thougth it could be an abraded plumbeitarsus !!

    Looking better at them and with the new information that the GC are freshly grown, so they are new, it could well be a Willow Warbler then….

    However, really we need the call to be sound recorded now ….

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