New Photos: Chinese Pond Heron

in Kent from today

Good news is always welcome. Spoke to lovely chap this morning. He rang because a strange heron had appeared in his garden- pinching the Koi! Initially thinking from books it might be a Squacco Heron,  A few low-key inquiries brought him to the Birding Frontiers blog. He soon realised this looked like the same individual. It is! Same bird, same area. Chinese Pond Heron. Private gardens.

Kent 19 Feb 2014 h balanced

More on the Identification issues >>>HERE<<< 

Kent 19 Feb 2014 g

Even with the struggle of back-lighting they are a great set of photos.  For ID purposes check out that thick- along- its-length orange based bill; dark loral mark; thick mauve feathering on breast sides with much less streaking in centre of breast. I think the aging is less clear with these new images. Thanks to input from Phil Round, Ian Lewington, Dave Gandy, Grahame Walbridge. Lesser wing coverts can be very helpful having brown centres in 2cy birds and tail tip may be darker on some (more to be learnt here for sure!). A fascinating bird yet- I hope you think so.

Kent-19-Feb-2014-f mmmmm

Thanks to the very nice gentleman who rang this morning and took this photos. Please understand there will be no more information than written here. It is in the same area and patience will pay off. They are private gardens. Thanks for understanding.

Kent-19-Feb-2014-c MMMM

There is one tip: I would look out for flocks of Black-headed Gulls- they mob ‘ickle Pond Herons…

Kent 19 Feb 2014 a

Kent 19 Feb 2014 bKent 19 Feb 2014 d

Chinese Pond Heron. A private garden in Kent. 19th February 2014

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