Stonechat photo request

Can you help?1cy male rubicola Hula, israel Nov 2012 Martin Garner

With a little Birding Frontiers project…

We are looking for shar,p close up images of stonechats taken specifically in the period September to December (January just about). If you think you can help, please email martin.go (at) virgin .net also here: >>>contact<<<

Request for help are for :

hibernans Stonechat (preferably taken in Britain away from east/ south coast)

adult males profile perched  (views of rump and flanks a bonus)

female in profile perched with darker throat

female in profile perched with paler throat

rubicola Stonechat (preferably taken well away from Britain!)

adult males profile perched showing views of rump and flanks

paler female with more obvious pale supercilium

Siberian Stonechat – maurus

– autumn female perched


Sib Stonechat h



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