To the new look Birding Frontiers


After a weekend of ‘launching’ are down to a few details to polish off and learn ourselves how to make the best use of this new interface. We hope you like It!Birding Frontiers logo


We  hope you enjoy visiting for a good read, find it a useful resource and most especially that you’re inspired and encouraged in your own birding and wildlife watching.

New Stuff

Huge nod to Andrew Chick for all his hard work and inspired ideas in creating this new look. The regular ‘blog roll’ carries on. Find it under ‘Latest posts’. It has a few new features such as a regular header text box to give a flavour of what’s in the post, and other boxes to highlight key points. We have added new sections such as ‘Wildart’, showcasing some of our contemporary wildlife artists and ‘Stories’, telling birder and wildlife stories, past and present and other inspiring bits.

Team and Contributions

A warm welcome to new team bloggersPaul Leader, Peter Adriaens, Magnus Hellström, Dan Brown, Chris Wood and Justin Carr with support from Andrew Chick and Sharon Garner. Watch out from regular contributions from others, such as the Patchwork Challenge team and John Cantelo. Nils van Duivendijk and Paul Lehman are signing off as regular team members, due to other pressing stuff but may well contribute occasionally.

Most importantly we welcome contributions. Have you got a great blast from the past story or recent ‘find’ event? Do you have an original observation which you would like to share with others? Give us a shout.

Quick guide

You will see the homepage gives plenty of opportunity to explore. Underneath the Harrier image the title ‘Latest posts’ takes you to the blog roll which is exactly the same medium which has been part of Birding Frontiers for the last 3 ½ years. If you follow the blog or the posts on Facebook or Twitter etc, normally it will take you to the latest posts section.  The homepage has multiple options for exploring more than just the latest blog post.  By clicking on any of the images on the changing screen the large square buttons or the small rectangular buttons (such as Gull ID and Sounds) will take you to all kinds of other material.  The most recent 5 blog posts will also be listed on the homepage.


The easiest way to search the blog is to use the search box on the right hand side.  Just punch in a word like ‘Thayers’ or ‘Bunting’ to explore the topic you’re interested in.  There are also categories down the right hand side though we’re still in the process of updating the posts with these.

I think that’s enough for now.  Please explore, enjoy and do contribute.  There are bound to be a few glitches as we get going with the new format. Please: If you spot anything that can easily be improved for you reading or have suggestions on how we can improve the site overall- we would be very pleased to hear from you.


Martin Garner,  January, 2014


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  1. Jeff Jones

    Congratulations on the site redesign! I am a first time visitor and see you’ve put a lot of hard work into creating this excellent resource. I’m working a site rebuild as well to make it easier to navigate and understand. I like how simple and clean your site is.


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