King Eider. VORTEX!

Magical Moments 2013 #4

by Martin G.

king eider drake threeOne is very beautiful

King Eider males 52 are extra nice

King Eider vortex 32,000 is really impressive… PS I know it’s not 2000 here but need to find smaller flock :) Can you see the Long-tailed Duck?

King eider vortex bussesundet march2013 Amundsen Biotopeking eider vortex.jpg 2

king eider vortex 220,000 is ridiculous! These are just very small sections of a vast whirling flock (suggest enlarge the photos by  clicking on them…)

What: King Eider, King of the Arctic. King

WhoTormod Amundsen, Elin Taranger and visitors to Gullfest 2013

Where: Varanger Fjord (the Mighty)

When: March 2013

Why: You are kidding! Is that a serious question?

Martin Garner & Ian Lewington king eider safari march2013 Amundsenwith Ian Lewington in the middle of the King Eider Vortex.


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