Champions of the Flyway

Eilat, Spring, 2014. 

Just a little notice as I head off to Israel that I will also be chewing on getting ready for this. Will we/can we/ have we got a chance :) of becoming the ‘Champions of the Flyway’?

3 reasons why a Birding Frontiers team will be involved:

1) It’s going to be a major international fundraising event, part of Birdlife International’s ‘Flyways’ programme. The focus will be on raising money for action against illegal hunting in SE Europe.

2) It’s a (mega) Bird Race! Teams of 3-4 people, birding  non stop for 24 hours based in/from Eilat at peak of spring migration.

3) Competition! with teams from around the world.

We’re in! There’s more to come with special  Birdlife International web space, dedicated to the event and coming soon. But for now, looking forward, one of my favourite birds of the Eilat spring:




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