3 Caspian Gulls: 4 Days

cachfest at Flannelboro

Flamborough has, I think, prior to 2013, 3  records, but 5 so far this year and 4 of them since 11th September (last 11 days): one 2nd winter and 4 juvenile/fist winters. WOW!

Found this new juv./first winter this morning. A large, lanky, rather striking individual. Unfortunately it stood rear-end on in obtuse bright sunlight, so images less than hoped for. It then flew by showing rather ‘mealy’ underwing unlike the striking white underwing of this bird from earlier in the week.


1cy Caspian d Flamboro 22.9.13

1cy Caspian b Flamboro 22.9.13

1cy Caspian c Flamboro 22.9.13

1cy Caspian Flamboro 22.9.13


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