Minke Whale

Cetacean Spectacle off Filey

Quiet a mid summer spectacle unfolding off Filey, North Yorkshire. Sharon and I were there earlier in the week courtesy of news updates from Mark Pearson and Dan Lombard. We saw up to 6 Minke Whale and several Harbour Porpoise. We just missed a much larger rorqual, probably a Sei Whale heading north. This is remarkable for our area!

The Minke count swelled yesterday to 9 Minke and there at least 5 there so far this morning (Friday). The scenery is stunning watching from the end of Carr Naze and overlooking the Brigg.

For loads of very cool photos  showing humps, fins, and behaviour go straight to

Mark Pearson’s blog Northern Rustic

to keep up with news follow Yorkshire Coast Nature on twitter

sharon and filey viewStunning scenery overlooking Filey Brigg. Sharon with our dog Ebony was picking up the Minke much quicker than me.

minke one mark pStar of the Show. Photo unashamedly pinched off Mark Pearson’s blog 🙂 One of up to 9 Minke Whales recorded off Filey. We watched as some of them ‘crashed’ into feeding frenzy of gulls. They seemed to be having fun!

filey whale watchersWhale watchers start to gather led by Mark Pearson (Northern Rustic) and Dan Lombard.

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