Asian Black-shouldered Kite in Turkey

Following the birds in Israel last 2 years this must represent the westermost record yet of the Asian form ‘vociferus’. Been around for a month or so in Turkey. Seems the first to clock these as Asian birds was Birding Frontiers team member, Dani Velasco. The 2nd Western Palearctic record?

3 thoughts on “Asian Black-shouldered Kite in Turkey

  1. Steve Lister

    Must admit I never realised ‘vociferus’ was a valid form. Rasmussen does not mention it for southern Asia, though (old versions at least of) Clements do list it. What are the distinguishing features? This bird looks like an immature with grey secondaries and pale tips to the flight feathers.
    Ferguson-Lees mentions old vagrant records from Turkey, Lebanon and Israel without referring to races. And of course Black-winged Kite is all along the Nile valley in Egypt.

  2. Peter Adriaens

    Hi Martin,
    Pieter Vantieghem and me had an apparent vociferus in central Turkey in April 2006. A photo is online at; we have more pictures if you are interested.


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