Red-billed Tropicbird and August Pelagic

Lanzarote, late August.


The pioneering pelagics will be continuing off Lanzarote. Some old posts here  and here . I’ll be joining the guys Dani and Juan for a ‘Birding Frontiers’ special 2 day gig over 27th-28th of August. There are a few spare places.

Dani writes: “For the first time the plan is to take  2 sailing boats out to the Banco. and we will be staying overnight! That will be very exciting, as we will be able to chum in the late evening and early morning in the best areas, when there’s much more bird activity. I am really excited with it! We could probably give a couple of short lectures with photos, etc…the day before, and maybe some birding in the island the day after.”

For now I’m wowed by Juan’s photos of Red-billed Tropicbird around the harbour from which we sail… Guess I am hoping they are ‘gettable’ in August.







All photos above by Juan Sagardia, Lanzarote, May 2013

2 thoughts on “Red-billed Tropicbird and August Pelagic

  1. David Gray

    Had one of these about eight years ago off Gran Canaria in early May whilst doing a cetacean/seabird survey, so there must be breeding in the area?


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