Black Brant hybrid family

X Dark-bellied Brent

One of the interesting encounters at Holkham, Norfolk last weekend were Black Brant hybrids. A single bird (which was the most Black Brant-like) and a second bird, which was clearly a male, was paired to a female Dark-bellied Brent with single juvenile.

Both hybrids are known to be Black Brant X Dark-bellied Brent as they are returning birds which first appeared as juveniles in hybrid family parties (per James McCallum and Richard Millington).

Is this the first example of a back-cross, 2nd generation hybrid?

Couple photos for now. Thanks to James and Richard for much helpful insight.

hybrid brantmale hybrid (Black Brant X Dark-bellied Brent) paired with female Dark-bellied Brent and 2nd gen juvenile. Holkam, Norfolk, January 2013

brant hybrid lone birdhybrid (Black Brant X Dark-bellied Brent) an unpaired bird. Holkam, Norfolk, January 2013


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  1. Paul French

    Hi Martin

    How has the hybrid been identified as such? Looks good on these photos to me, but obviously it could look different in the flesh. At what point does individual variability stop?



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