Siberian Chiffchaff find

at Poole, Dorset

Very nice time on tour the last couple of days. Excellent meeting with c100 people and plenty old and new friends at Bedfordshire Bird Club. Early a.m. got us adult male Ferruginous Duck and Black-necked Grebe at Priory, Beds., then east to Oxford and spent several hours with Ian Lewington, including a quick gull watch where we found a new 1st winter Caspian Gull. Then headed south to the Dorset Bird Club. The offices of Lush were crammed to standing room only followed by beer and chat at the Blue Boar.

This morning we headed out with Marcus Lawson to the back of PC World, Poole. Some dozen or so Chiffchaffs were mostly collybita types. Eventually we saw the Siberian Chiffchaff found by Marcus on his local  ‘footit challenge’ a while back. We also saw a second bird which Marcus had seen before which is has some yellow below but I think is probably also a tristis. Needs some careful watching and listening. After about an hour the original tristis appeared and shortly after a second  best looking yet Siberian Chiffchaff showed up. It called twice  classic tristis ‘peep’. A good find under the noses of the Sound Approach team ; ) !

Not enough time to process all the highlight of people and birds from last few days. Here’s a small selection. More to come

Sib Chiff new bird i Poole 31.1.13

Sib Chiff new bird Poole 31.1.13

blue boar birders dorset jan 30 th 2013

blue boar pub

ferruginous duck 2

caspian gull 2cy milton cambs jan 13Siberian Chiffchaff find, Sound Approach guys and the Blue Boar Pub in Poole, Dorset, Ferruginous Duck in Bedfordshire and one of the 10 Caspian Gulls seen in the last few days.

Off to see some Kent birders…


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  1. Laurie Allan

    Nice little haul there, also the name……A lot of ‘Blue Boar’ pubs were initially called ‘The White Boar’, to show allegiance to Richard III (very topical at the moment with the ‘King in the car park scenario) but a lot changed to ‘Blue’, following his death to show neutrality in their ‘affections’ – a sort of ‘turncoat’.

    ATB Laurie –


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