Blackcaps in the Garden

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Every year in January a Blackcap appears in the garden. For the last 2 days there have been 2, a male and a female. A little bonus as Tormod and I do some planning and rescheduling. Meanwhile Tormod is still glowing after his first Red Grouse.  Have a look at his lovely photo of a female taken yesterday. They are easy enough in the greater Sheffield area, but nevertheless we had some very cool views in the snow.

The Foot it Challenge continues to amaze how such a simple idea has taken off. Over 6,000 foot it records have been submitted to Birdtrack in January 2013.

The LROS ‘Pushing the Boundaries’ meeting at Rutland water has been rescheduled to Saturday Feb. 2. Apologies to all those who hoped to be there. More info to come.

For now we are in Norfolk for the weekend and in the morning will be joined by Yoav Perlman  and hopefully later Tristan R and Chris. Will we reach 100 species in North Norfolk by Sunday night?

Blackcaps from Sheffield Garden today:

How many winter in Britain? It must in the order of 100’s or into early 1000’s??Maybe the BTO Blackcap Garden Survey will tell us more.

female Blackcap Sheff garden 25.1.13

black cap garden jan 13 a

male blackcap 2

2 thoughts on “Blackcaps in the Garden

  1. Stephen Menzie

    I had a female appear in the garden in early December; a few days later she was joined by a first-year male. I managed to catch and ring the female, which made keeping track of her easy; she — an adult — and the (presumed same) male were still in the garden up until I went away at Christmas. When I got back last week, a female Blackcap was still present in the garden… but was unringed. I’ve since caught and ringed her, too (she proved to be a second-year). Interesting to think there are more birds coming and going from the garden than meets the eye! A recovery from one or both of them would be nice…


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