3rd Place – Top Posts 2012

Actually and honestly it was the 5th most popular post. However with 2nd  and 4th most  popular posts being very similar and the 3rd most popular post was the Birding Frontiers Team here and then here (don’t want to give them inflated heads) ; )  so here’s the next most popular, proper bird-related post, of 2012. Producing over 50 responses on the blog as well as more on facebook and twitter it was that old favourite:

A Mystery Photo Competition

Comments here and Answers here

Autumn cometh…

…and with it the opportunities for some scarce and rare bird hunting. So here, 3 ‘Mystery Birds’; the kind of thing I might be looking for. I had to identify some of them, so will let you know how I got on, later.

There are 3 birds and 6 questions. They are not easy!  First person to get all 6 questions correct- or first to highest number of correct answers  e.g. 4 or 5- gets a Birding Frontiers memory stick and the rest of us learn stuff! (P.S. apart from the few I may have told answers to who are excluded!)

So go ahead and give it a go:


a) What species?

b) What age?

bird one– what species and age is this sea-going bird?


a) What species?

b) What age?

Bird two– what species and age is this long-billed thing?


a) What species

b) What subspecies?

Bird Three: What species (and if you are very clever or good at guessing), what subspecies does this tail and undertail coverts belong to?

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