Jochen Dierschke – Top Team Moments 2012


My bird of the year was undoubtedly the Eastern Crowned Warbler in my garden, although a bit beaten by the Pale-legged Leaf Warbler in Britain a few days later. Such birds occurring in a garden (although on Helgoland every square meter seems to be a hotspot) always reminds me, how many great birds may be overlooked in non-birders gardens.

Although I also missed some good birds this year on Helgoland (e.g. Black Stork, Barn Owl), the biggest disappointment was the Pine Grosbeak invasion stopping in Denmark – as usual. Although we had 2 weeks of southerly winds, at least one bird could have made it over here, especially as 2 birds in Denmark were seen heading out towards Helgoland …

Hopefully it’s too early too complain …

Merry Christmas

Cheers, Jochen

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