4 thoughts on “Phylloscopus Warbler from Hell

  1. José Luis Copete

    Quite long primary projection, P6 not emarginated, and distances between tips of outer primaries suggest it should Willow Warbler. Being so greyish, possibly yakutensis.

  2. acro.scirpaceus

    A bird looking very like was was attributed to acredula by these ringers: http://www.birdsofsaudiarabia.com/2012/05/acredula-willow-warbler-alba-marsh.html

    The yakutensis description is also appropriate and differences in plumage tone appear to be clinal (according to the literature). So who knows? It has a short wing for both yakutensis and ecredula but not inconceivably so. (For what it’s worth, the jizz of the head reminds me of Eastern Bonelli’s, and the wing length fits, but there is clearly not enough pigmentation for normal Bonelli’s).

    By the way, I do not know what training you need to have to trap and ring birds in Israel, but I was less than impressed by the “from Hell” and “freaky” (photo label) tags you brought with your posting. Are we (ringers) not supposed to be a bit more professional than that, or does any old blogg-babble do these days? (….Yes, if you give away your youth by your use of language, I give away my lack of youth by my impatience with it!)


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