Eastern Olivaceous Warbler – Vocalisation Comparison

The rather showy Eastern Olivaceous Warbler that is currently present at Kilminning in Fife (UK) has given opportunity not only to study morphological details but also to study vocalisation.

Eastern Olivaceous Warbler, Fife © Tristan Reid

Chris Hind discusses the vocalisation of the warbler in the following article:

Vocalisation of Eastern Olivaceous Warbler – by Chris Hind

While watching the Eastern Olivaceous Warbler at Kilminning in Fife on 20th October the bird was particularly vocal as it fed among the elders and rose bushes. It gave a rapidly repeated ‘ tack ‘ call which was particularly helpful in keeping track of its movements. The question raised was ‘which other species did its call most resemble?’

Blackcap’s call certainly sprung to mind but it sounded rather softer and was repeated more rapidly. There seemed also to be some similarity to the call of Garden Warbler.

  • You can listen to a recording of Blackcap <here>
  • You can listen to a recording of Garden Warbler <here>
  • You can listen to a recording of Eastern Olivaceous Warbler <here>

Despite the revving of engines and screaming of tyres coming from the nearby race track I made some sound recordings. The sonagram of Eastern Olivaceous shows a ‘ broader ‘ trace than that of Blackcap, but less so than the one for Garden Warbler. The trace has more emphasis on the lower frequency sounds than in Blackcap – again producing a rather softer note.


Garden Warbler

Eastern Olivaceous Warbler

All in all, the impression of similarity to Blackcap, but tending towards Garden Warbler, is quite nicely demonstrated by the sonagrams.

A fantastic opportunity to learn even more from a rare bird in the UK!

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